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The Technology Behind All This


Basic Technology

Dielectric Electro Active Polymers or DEAP are at the base of the technology used 

In essence Bainisha has a displacement sensor that has no match.  The technology is not trying to compete with other technologies though.  On the contrary we use the strength of other technologies like Inertial Measurement Units (IMU’s) to develop multi-sensor systems that are very precise


Mass production based on the roll to roll principle

User Friendly

Doesn't affect the integrity of the surface it sticks on and can't be noticed by the human skin. It can also stay on the specific surface for several weeks allowing longitudinal data gathering, leading to whole new insights

Flexible Design

Can be designed as wanted in function of the application

Self Adhesive

This is a key characteristic as it allows the sensor to morph with whatever it sticks on. Measuring multidimensional displacement gets a whole other meaning


The sensors combine some features that make them truly unique 

What Makes The Sensor Unique?

It is the combination of all the characteristics that make the sensors unique.  There are definitely faster sensors or more precise ones but these sensors are never as user friendly, robust or affordable.

In combination with other sensors on the same patch Bainsiha is able to produce very powerful health patches for example