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What Do We Stand For?

Our Mission

We deliver more accurate and relevant data to our customers leading to higher efficiency, cost savings and better satisfaction rates

Algorithms and models in general are only as good as the data that feed them.  Starting with the right building blocks is essential

board, conductors, circuits


Bainisha was founded in 2014 with a strong sense of innovation.  With a founder that had a history of over 30 years in advanced R&D, only something spectacular was going to be good enough. 

The attention in the first years went on developing the technology and proving its relevance.  Now the technology has been fine-tuned to such a level that it can disrupt several industries

Because the number of applications is so vast it was essential to make choices and focus on where we added most value

Our Core Values

We take pride in helping others getting better and support their efforts.  This can be individuals or other organisations.  We will always keep the following principles in mind: